Links to Collaborators

These amazing folks are my fellow artists, poets, writers, and friends – click on their name and check them out!
They are doing great work and you can’t go wrong following them and their blogs.

Artists Featured on Illustrated Poetry

Method Two Madnessa blog of two artist friends, two for one inspiration and creativity

Dawn Michelle Photographyportrait, landscape, and fine art photography

Gentani – black and white nature illustrations, just gorgeous 

Geo Kalpatarudrawings from his heart and soul

D is for DoodleI wish my doodles looked like these 

Amy Crawforda different light, beautiful art 

John Sapiro innovative mash-ups of art, photography, music, and popular culture

Red String PaperCuts – these kind folks let me hang out with them


Poets and Writers Featured Here

Matthew J Hall – short stories, poetry, and indie press reviews, always a pleasure

Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?she also creates beautiful mail art

Graceful Press PoetryI aspire write poetry as richly steeped in the classics

m lewis redford – poetry with wormholes attached (don’t be scared!) 

Michael Schiavo – I found him via a sestina, but there is so much more here

Shivani Dumpawar – a fellow scientist with a love of poetry


Fabulous Folks with Fabulous Blogs

A House to Livea home is richer with art

A-wing and A-wayBirds inspire our imagination to take flight, so does this blog

Aaron Morganmail art, black and white paintings, erotic art – go visit his site 

Jacqueline Snyder – her blog explores where sci-fi meets reality

St. Brigid Press – small letter press in Virginia, making singular works of art