1. Hi Marcy! Would you like to do my Friendly Chat with me this week? Every week I answer the questions from Cee’s Photography blog’s “Share Your World” post and I ask someone to post their answers with mine! I will be posting my answers tomorrow and you can post answers in the comments whenever you get the chance, that’s how I’ve been doing it. Would you like to? You can check out how I’ve done it in the weeks past on my blog at lmgcomic.wordpress.com. Thanks!


    1. Thank you, Sheldon! Although the sky color is from the filter, it is an accurate reflection of the feeling and jewel quality of the sky out there – I think if I had left it blue, the iphone wouldn’t have done it justice. I’m doing pretty well – hope you are too!

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    1. Thank you, Claudia! My iphone and I got down in the sand and up close and personal with this flower. It was another one of those “frustration in the moment but ‘ah-ha’ afterwards” photos – the phone struggled to focus on the flower but it turned out pretty good!


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