1. Thank you for your silent introduction. You write very well and I’m looking forward to reading more. I tend to be a verbose commenter, at times, as my like button hardly ever loads… Hope you won’t mind, if you find me doing so…


    1. Thank you so much! I don’t mind verbose comments at all. It occasionally takes me a day or two to respond to comments, but I always do respond – and I find that discussion and comments are some of the best parts of being in the WP community. Welcome!


    1. Thank you, Anna! It was a treat to see. We were allowed to climb to the top and that was an adventure! The stairs were little more than slightly inclined ladders with gaps of half a meter or more!


    1. It was pretty spectacular – it is one of the very few original surviving examples of its type as well. After the Meiji Emperor came to power in 1872, he ordered most of these old Edo- era castles destroyed. A combination of bureaucracy and local opposition saved Matsumoto castle and here she stands today!


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