1. Thank you! This koi pond is not far from my house and it is full of interesting looking koi. I had been told different patterns were different breeds (and are more or less desirable based on collectors’ whims), but there is a lot of overlap and so the ōgon designation is my best guess!


  1. My daughter and I just visited the kois in the Zen Garden at the Met…it’s her dream to somehow have a koi pond. This one really looks like its floating in the air! (K)


    1. I would love to have a koi pond too (although without any of the work!) – I find them so peaceful and relaxing to watch. Plus they are symbols of good luck, longevity, affection, and friendship, so you can’t beat that for a meaningful pet!

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      1. Thank you for sending the link. I’ve looked on eBay a few times and the prices are highly variable, but even worse, most don’t guarantee that the machine works! I’m still hoping I will net one for cheap during a concerted “garage sale” weekend effort. But it’s good to know you can still buy a new one!

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    1. For me, it is west to the sea! The beaches were packed, though, these last few days. In the park, they have cordoned off the fish pond to stop all of us overheated humans from dipping our feet in!

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    1. Thanks! It was sweltering today – apparently, the U.S. is under a “heat dome” weather pattern these last two days. But the koi in the park didn’t seem to mind!


    1. Thank you, Claudia! The light was just right to make the water “disappear” and the fish look like it was swimming out on the warm summer sand. It was a beautiful weekend – getting a bit hot, though, on Sunday and today!


      1. I see fish in the creeks here, and they are like greenish ghosts, since the water is usually a bit muddy and stirred up, but I have occasionally seen them close to shore and in still pools. The same impression – as if they are just floating in air atop the pebbles. But this shot is just a whole other level of magic, I think.


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