Excerpt Wednesday – Reclining Figure – Hall

RecliningFigure_Hall.jpgDonald Hall (b. 1928) continues in the poetic tradition of Robert Frost by living and writing full time on a farm in New Hampshire. The Robert Frost Farm is now a historic landmark after changing hands many times and a long battle by preservationists. Mr. Hall’s literary career is arguable as noteworthy as Frost’s – he too has been Poet Laureate of the United States as well as winning two Guggenheims and a long stretch as poetry editor of the Paris Review. There must be something special about New Hampshire farmland…Reclining Figure is a very short ekphrastic poem inspired by Henry Moore’s sculpture of the same name. I intentionally did not look photographs of Moore’s sculpture before working on this illustration; instead I relied on my aggregate memory of Henry Moore sculptures I’ve seen over the years. This poem evoked very specific colors for me. To read the whole poem and view the sculpture on which it is based, click here. Painting (ink on paper) and composition by me.


  1. So glad you posted the link. Did not know of the farm in NH! Love the phrase you’ve chosen and the colors and feel of the illustration bring it to life in a world of “flat” medium — you’ve given body to the brush and words! Well done!


    1. Thank you so much, Lillian! The Robert Frost Farm is a treat to visit – they also have readings and other events there, although it was too far for me to make it regularly from Boston. I am pretty pleased with the journey that this poem took with myself and Mr. Hall – words inspired by a very solid 3D sculpture paper, then into a 2D painting! (I apologize for the delay in responding – I’ve been traveling for work!)

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  2. Yes, a Moore. They’re quite distinctive, aren’t they? That did come to mind when I first saw/read this. Nice! I’m thinking that the commercial world would say that successful artists create their own “brand.”


    1. Thank you, Jilanne! So true – now we call it “branding” and it includes all the new digital things that one simply must have 😉 – but you are right, any time I am able to identify an artist’s work on first sight, it is because they have complete package: style, persona, and aura about their work!

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      1. Thank you Marcy for the link. I very much would love to visit the Farm of Robert Frost. Unfortunately, I live somewhat a distance from there, England. I am going to San Francisco in October but doubt I could make a visit then. New Hampshire I went to many years ago, I have never forgotten it and its beauty, hopefully one day I will make it. Many thanks again.


  3. You can create your own atmosphere
    It’s very hard
    But it can be achieved
    The magic is in all of us
    Just waiting for us to create
    Great post Marcy
    Love those colors
    60 vibe
    As always Sheldon


    1. Thank you so much, Sheldon! I think that Moore and Hall have managed to create that special atmosphere – perhaps that is the New Hampshire farm secret – it becomes a world of your own…


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