Silent Sunday – May 8, 2016


One from my hiking trip to Wales last year; after the hike we stopped by Stonehenge. We got there right when the visitor center opened, which turned out to be a good choice. By 10:30 am the place was packed. I took this photo of the Heel Stone while facing away from the crowds, giving the illusion of solitude!
Happy Mother’s Day! I wish everyone a peaceful and restful evening.


    1. Thanks! Isn’t that amazing? That these stones, which so many ancient hands have touched, have endured to the point that the earth has changed beneath them? There is something about these neolithic sites: when I was in college, I visited Fourknocks in Co. Meath and to this day, I remember the stillness, the air inside the mound, the sense of time stopping…

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    1. Lots of traveling! Travel for both work and pleasure (always a mixture), but I started out the year thinking I would hardly travel at all and now the trips have piled on.

      Of course, physical travel is only one form of journeying…you’ve been on quite a journey poetically and artistically.


    1. Thanks, Jill! I would agree with that! Or perhaps it is the noise? Everyone was being respectful, but there were just so many people it really took on a festival atmosphere (and it was a Thursday – granted in was in the summer, but I can’t image the place on a Saturday!!)

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    1. Thank you, Alice! There is something about them – they radiate a sense of timelessness, of patience, of both permanence and transience. After we extricated ourselves from the crowds at Stonehenge, my friends took us over to Avebury, where you can still get close and touch the menhirs. I definitely recommend a visit there too.

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  1. Hard to believe now, but when I was a kid we used to go over to Stonehenge in the evenings to play! No fences or visitor center – just the stones. We weren’t allowed to climb on the stones or touch them but it’s difficult to go back and see them all enclosed.


    1. I love that – what an enchanted place to play! The whole area around the henge is rich with prehistoric sites and artifacts. We had met up with my hiking partner’s second cousins who live in Chippenham, and they told a similar story – of going to hang out around the henge in high school. Just like you said; there was no visitor center, no fences, no shuttle buses. A placard in the visitor center informed us that Stonehenge gets between 3-5 million visitors a year now!


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