Short Poem Saturday – dead center – Atwood

AnnAtwood_haiku_2.jpgIn the age of the internet, we expect to find information on everything and anything that strikes our fancy. It is strange to think of an author not having a profile on various social media sites – an author platform, available 24/7. Even long deceased authors have wikipedia pages and an internet presence (I get tweets from T.S. Eliot and Walt Whitman regularly!). A friend had recently mentioned my illustration of In the Mohave by Patrick Orr, an author for which I could find no further information besides his name. This led me to revisit another one of my “mystery poets” – Ann Atwood.

Very much like Mr. Orr, Ms. Atwood’s poem, dead center, has been featured in multiple major anthologies and she has been cited as a significant English-language haiku poet. Yet there is no information available about her, not even a birth and death date, although she is listed as “deceased” in one anthology. I googled her name again this morning, to see if anything had changed since my initial post almost 2 years ago. Well, no new information, but my Illustrated Poetry post about her now appears on the bottom of page 1 of the search results! Drawing (colored pencil on paper) and composition by me.

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In the Mohave by Patrick Orr

Life by Grace Treason but this one has a surprise –> mystery solved!

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  1. I really think that someone…a friend, relative, scholar…has to keep the poet or artist online or they will disappear. There has to be an input from somewhere. And too many fall through the cracks. I have that problem all the time with artists too. (K)


    1. Agreed. If I were an English teacher, I would make this a class project, to research an artist/author/performer with no online presence or record and write a Wikipedia article on them; even if it was scant, but pulling together everything they could find. A microbiology professor at my university does this each year with her classes – each student has to write (or significantly update) a wiki article on a species of bacteria.

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      1. What a great project! Wikipedia does seem to supersede every other source these days…I think there was a more diverse access to information when you had to look for actual articles and books. I think the internet was really helpful at first, but now most of the information that comes up is the same old stuff. I’ll often come upon something by chance and wonder why it never showed up in my search.


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