Silent Sunday – April 24, 2016


Well, I woke up today to find both my car battery and internet router dead – so no Silent Sunday until those got fixed! It is near evening here, there is a soft pink light cast over the ocean, calming after an unexpected day. I wish you all a restful and enjoyable Sunday!


    1. Thanks, Jill! It all turned out alright, the car got jumped and started and the router got replaced – but there’s always that moment when everything seems to happen at once and the tow truck driver is knocking on your door at the same time as the cable company is calling you back! 😮

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    1. The cable company sent a technician who promptly replaced it and all is well now. I guess the routers just melt down periodically – apparently on Sundays – the technician said that I was his third router replacement of the day and this type of call is all he does on Sundays. Who knew?

      Thank you! I’m always photographing the same stretch of beach and yet it is transformed by the light and seasons and tides each time!

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