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I was honored when Matthias asked me to create an illustration to accompany one of his posts for “Ginsberg Week” on his blog Beat Company. In honor of the 19th anniversary of the artist’s passing (April 5th, 1997), Ginsberg Week kicked off yesterday and today’s post featured one of the two illustrations I did. Matthias has packed the post full of interesting facts and features related to Allen Ginsberg – including  a U.S. phone number you can call to talk to the man himself (from beyond the grave, perhaps?). Matthias ensures me that it really works! Enjoy!

«Poetry is the only place where people can speak their original human mind. It is the outlet for people to say in public what is known in private.» — Allen Ginsberg First recording of «Howl» – Allen Ginsberg in 1956 Friends around the world have gathered to pay tribute to the right honorable Mr. Allen…

via Holy ! Holy ! Holy ! — www.beat.company


  1. Well, leave it to me to focus on something different: “it’s all in the papers” as opposed to “it’s in all the papers.” I like all kinds of music including country so for me it’s hard to get past that due to George Strait singing “out of the blue clear sky” instead of “out of the clear blue sky.” The former is the intended & he had to be convinced to sing the words out of expected sequence. I know this has NOTHING to do to the academic discourse but being visual, this is what is like a sticky note in my mind at the moment.


    1. Sometimes I can’t help but stray into academic discourse, although my intention is always first and foremost to have people experience art and poetry in a direct way, so thank you for sharing your “visual thoughts” on Allen Ginsberg Dying. I will admit that my brain didn’t at first see this reversal, and you brought it to my attention! It definitely changes the tenor and meaning of the poem and now I can’t imagine it the other way.


    1. Thank you, Jan! You are probably right about that – but you touch on a subject that I find so fascinating: the memory/legacy of an artist in opposition to (or compared/conflated/challenged with) the artist’s own conception of themselves. The internet is changing the balance of that equation – legacies can be rewritten, but also the thoughts and self-conceptualization of the artist are more readily available. Sorry if that is a bit of a tangent, but you got me thinking! 🙂

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    2. Please let’s stop that discussion right here: “Right honorable” – or not: In the end of the day all this is about A.G. and his work – and not about his supposed agrreement on that term.


      1. Your point is taken and your intention in using the phrase clear. And although it is a bit of tangent, as I said to Jan, I maintain the broader discussion of self-perception v. the outside perception of an artist is an interesting one (as well as one without a definite answer)!


    3. “Self-perception v. the outside perception” – also taking your point, Marcy. And even though it might seem somewhat inverse, the british “Right Honourable” was never meant politically or what so ever. It was just a simple expression of my admiration and thus an adornment.


    1. Agreed. It was a daunting illustration to tackle so I went straight to portraits. Ginsberg had such an iconic look, a distinctive style that seemed to flow directly into his writing, I thought, what else could represent him?

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