Silent Sunday – March 13, 2016

A desert lily blooming out in southern Anza Borrego  – an example of the ephemeral yet strikingly beautiful life of the desert – and continuing the theme of desert life. To see my illustration for In the Mohave by Patrick Orr head over here. Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. anza borrego? wear’s dat? anyhow: AMAZING leaves on those lilies — so “monstrous” (pretty monsters ~) and unlike the leaves of what i’ve seen on indoor plants ~


    1. Thank you so much! They are gorgeous flowers with those twisting leaves – they literally erupt from the ground like that, flower, and then die off until the next year.

      Anza Borrego State Park is in Southern California and it stretches from just south of Palm Springs to the U.S.-Mexico border. It is the largest state park in the lower 48 states and it is free to visit and free to camp in most places (a couple of the campgrounds charge, but otherwise it is free). If you ever get the chance to visit, I do recommend it!

      Thank you for visiting IP and following it! I hope you enjoy the posts!

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      1. I have been. I suspect yer kinduv a desert rat (but in a kindly poetic beautific weigh) — like myself (‘cept i’m NOT kindly nor poetic nor that other stuff). maybe your vibes’ll rubbawph awn mee !


    1. Thanks! We didn’t have a super bloom down in Anza Borrego like they are having in Death Valley, but the flowers are still lovely. I wish I could get away long enough to get up to Death Valley, but I don’t think it is in the cards this year.


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