Silent Sunday – March 6, 2016


I made mention of some amazing tide pools that were to be found on the stretch of beach I featured last week on Silent Sunday. This was the surprise in one of those tide pools! I believe they are two Pink Sea Slugs and below them is a Striped Sea Hare. This photograph only barely does justice to their neon colors. Enjoy! May you all have a lovely Sunday!


    1. Thanks! These invertebrates are really interesting – and I read at least one article that said that their range is expanding due to global warming and they are now found much more widely on the CA coast.

      (P.S. Did you get quoted in at NYT article about SF? I was reading this on my lunch break and did a double take when I saw your name second paragraph from the end!!

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      1. That’s awesome! It’s not everyday one is in the New York Times! Interesting article too – the friends of mine who have stayed in the Bay Area all echo the discontent. Everyone to a person says they can’t move, because they can’t afford it. A couple I know who are getting married in SF in the spring asked the out of town wedding guests not to use AirBnB because of that whole election debacle. Hopefully things will ease up a bit!

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      2. It’s a tough situation. Not sure how to resolve any of the issues except for one: moving the commuter bus zone down a block. All of the other issues are far more complicated.


    1. Thank you, Olga! They are so brightly colored – like neon signs. I’m studying a book on color mixing and I’ve thought long and hard about how to mix these colors if I were to try, and I will tell you I still don’t have an answer!

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