1. I love them – they really spark my imagination. I see all sorts of shapes in them as I go along: faces and bones and animals. And with the recent high tides and storm activity, they are always changing too!

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      1. I saw both of your new poems – I especially enjoyed “Pornstars go from Pro to Al Qaeda Cappuccinos.” First off, that title alone should win some sort of award, and the imagery was provocative too. I’m still trying to sort out how a pornstar goes from pro to salsa hooray 🙂 and thus I have bookmarked the poem for further consideration.

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  1. It’s nice perspective to see you write ‘another beach picture’, Marcy as sometimes I hold back from posting yet another tree or rock or … beach picture. ‘No, don’t stop, she says! Post more wonderful pics’ 🙂


    1. Thanks, Jeni! I do the same thing sometimes – hold back, thinking that folks get tired of one beach pic after another. But I can say I do love your nature photos, so don’t you hold back and neither shall I!

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