Double Original Friday – You Moved Away

Commutehaiku_2The last few months have seen a number of my friends and family relocating to distant places for better jobs or new opportunities and these transitions led me to revisit a haiku I had written and posted in 2014 (which is hard to believe is not “last year” anymore!). I changed the wording a little (if you’d like to see the original, click here), but I decided to completely rework the illustration. I wanted to try uniting the words and photographs more fully using digital collage. Poem and digital collage by me. Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you, Kerfe! I just read an article in the NYT saying that folks in the U.S. are moving less often and not as far as they used to in the past – but it doesn’t feel that way to me. And of course, that is only one type of passage. Perhaps 2016 will feel more settled? I don’t know…

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    1. I love that association – I am a big fan of trains. The starting photograph for this collage was taken in the Channel Islands National Park in a field strew with abandoned, rusting, equipment. Gears and wheels and cogs – so I love that this came through to the final piece!


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