Monday Sketches – November 30, 2015

IMG_2249I’ve been attending drop-in figure drawing sessions on and off for the last year or so and usually I consider most of my own sketches duds, destined straight for the recycle bin. But every now and then one will catch my eye. Even so, I have accumulated quite a stack of figure sketches and drawings! I decided recently that I needed to have a good clear-out and let go of pretty much all of them for space and organizational reasons. In an attempt to assist the “letting go” process (always a personal struggle!), I’m posting what I consider to be “the best of” here.  An inadvertent companion to yesterday’s Silent Sunday (see directly below), today’s sketch is ink on paper. I hope you enjoy!


  1. This is beautiful, and I agree with Claudia. Finding old work is a wonderful and eye opening surprise for one, and for two, as Sheldon pointed out, anything and everything can be repurposed and made into new and different art. (K)


    1. Thank you, Kerfe! This one was definitely a trip down memory lane – it was from my first time taking and using ink at a drawing session. I found the unforgiving nature of the medium to be very freeing – and going through my pile of “saves” reminded me how much I enjoyed it and got the juices flowing to try again with ink. I will definitely look into upcycling some of these!

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      1. I’ve got some ink nudes from 40 years ago somewhere…I’ll find them one of these days. I remember the feeling of freedom…much better than pencil, as I recall.


    1. Thank you, Claudia! I am so glad that you like it! This one was an exception, being ink on white paper, but the vast majority of them are charcoal on newsprint and so I think are already a lesson in impermanence (being before I obtained a can of spray fixative 🙂 ). I am hoping for some inspiration to upcycle a few of them and some fresh creativity to well up in place of the ones I recycle!


      1. Well, I’d be happy to receive any of them and I’ll send you something back in thanks, believe me. Now, as far as charcoal, I am very ignorant of that medium, hmmm, seems if you can affix them that they would be great collage materials, in combination with some acrylic medium to seal them? Paint over them? Use watercolor pencils to trace them over and then wet them? You see that I am so ready to take out my ideas on your defenseless works! I think you have a treasure trove in front of you, I really do.


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