Excerpt Tuesday – Science – Jeffers

Science_JeffersIII had several science related writing deadlines this last weekend and during a bout of procrastination, I decided to revisit my illustration for the excellent and mysterious poem “Science” by Robinson Jeffers.  I found I was still happy with my collage (which is not a always a given when revisiting an illustration!), but decided to change the field of view in order to cast a more ethereal mood. If you’d like to see the original post with the full collage, head right over here. Mr. Jeffers led a very colorful and extremely successful poetic life – he is one of the few poets to have been on the cover of Time magazine and his face was featured posthumously on a postage stamp. The sharp decline of his popular legacy is often tied to his staunch open opposition to WWII and other viewpoints considered unpatriotic at the time. Mr. Jeffers spent most of his life in Carmel, California, and built his home and a four story tower by hand out of stone. Read the full text of “Science” here.


  1. Really appreciated this, especially this line from the poem: “… being taken up
    Like a maniac with self-love and inward conflicts cannot manage his hybrids.” Somehow this seems more widely applicable — beyond science, to human nature — in light of Paris. Still trying to decide which collage I prefer. Both are intriguing!


    1. Thank you, Cate! I agree with you: Mr. Jeffers titled the poem “Science” but I have always felt that it was a wider commentary on war, destruction, man’s inexplicable treatment of fellow man – a commentary that is sadly still so apt.
      I have a tendency to edit by pruning – removing elements – so it is good for my process to hear that you liked the original also!


    1. Dearest Sheldon – you are so welcome! Thank you for all of your likes and support here at IP!
      I have many colleagues in Paris, it took us many hours to confirm that they were all safe. These days we are so interconnected, and yet the world seems further torn apart than ever. But we’ll hang in there – this too shall pass.

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      1. Omg you are all spread out
        What roots you have
        I went to Paris for my honeymoon
        Some 13 years ago
        I have a deep love for it
        My heart is in pieces
        I pray to someday go back


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