Double Original Friday – Hudson Valley Rest Stop in the Fall

roof rack white s

Hudson Valley Rest Stop in the Fall

The father reties the roof rack

while the family watches nearby.

There is an Amish boy selling syrup.

~Marcy Erb

The final poem in the fall collaborative series with Ms. Kerfe Roig of Method Two Madness. I always (a tad selfishly) slip one of my own poems into the mix and hope that she doesn’t notice and illustrates it alongside the far more luminous poets we begin the series with! This short poem was born of exhaustion: a coffee break halfway through a 10 hour drive to Cleveland in the pouring rain rendered me the observer of some rest stop interactions. Kerfe captures the scene perfectly. Collage by Kerfe Roig, poem by me. Have a lovely Friday and a great fall weekend!


  1. Rest stops……ah those two words sound delightful and we really should have signposts directing us to these places, be they physical or virtual, several times in our days! Beautiful collaboration here……ah the people we meet if we’d only stop to see………


    1. Thank you so much! So true – our days would be less stressful if we could have regular “rest stops”! Your comment made me think about how we don’t see each other due to the daily distractions of texting and surfing the web on our phones. It occurred to me that in this particular moment in time there were no mobile phones – mine or others – and I wonder if that was part of the charm…we really got a chance to stop and see each other.

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    1. Thank you so much, Claudia! I mentioned the exhaustion because it stripped away all the chatter in my head (which is a very noisy place!) and allowed me to just see the scene exactly as it was. I scribbled the poem on a gas receipt and finished my coffee before heading back out on the highway.

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