Double Original Friday – Sam

Sam_poemSam was my grandmother’s barn cat – a big ol’ Siamese mix. He was your classic cat: when us kids wanted to pet him, he would leap high up into the rafters, but when we were doing something else, he would saunter over and rub against your legs. Poem and drawing (ink on card stock) by me. Have a great Friday!



On the hood of a yellow


the red barn cat

always basks.


Strong yet of mind

and 21 years in bone

now blind.


  Not that the cowboys

can tell,

he leaps aside

never needed help

in all this time.


    1. Thank you, Sunshine! He was the oldest cat I have personally known (one of mine lived to be 17, but none into their 20’s, sadly). He was always strong and independent, my grandparents didn’t even realize he was blind until they took him to the vet because he was “slowing down a bit”! I consider him one of the formative pets of my childhood.

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