Illustrated Thursday – Sonnet: Now I See Them – Palmer

NowISeeThemWhen Ms. Chiara Ricci-Tam agreed to illustrate another poem for IP (you can see her awesome digital illustration of an Emily Dickinson poem here), I pulled one of my poetry anthologies off the bookshelf to choose one for her. I promptly dropped the book on my foot. It fell open to Michael Palmer’s abstract and mind-bending poem, “Sonnet: Now I See Them.” I took one look and decided this was the one, and informed Chiara that the poem, in fact, had chosen her. Her ink on paper drawing captures the mood perfectly. You should definitely head over to the Poetry Foundation and read the entire poem and see what you think. Drawing by Chiara Ricci-Tam, a fellow scientist who also loves art and is based in Boston, composition by me.


  1. I’ve loved this poem since I first ran headlong into it. I don’t understand it, but I often feel like I almost do…and then it slips away again.


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