Collaboration Tuesday – Second Autumn – Savage


Today I am so excited to present the second illustrated poem in the fall collaboration series with Ms. Kerfe Roig. Written during his time as a German prisoner of war (from 1941-1945) Mr. Savage’s poem, “Second Autumn,” was initially published in 1947 and then again in the anthology The Terrible Rain (The War Poets 1939-1945) in 1966. I came to be the proud owner of this book during a stop in Hay-on-Wye while on my Welsh hiking trip (click here for a trip down blog post memory lane). When Kerfe let me know that this collage included a fair bit of stitching, I knew it would be amazing – and I was right. I think Mr. Savage’s words and Ms. Roig’s collage together speak in the here and now of displaced peoples around the world who find themselves under a strange sky. Collage by Kerfe Roig (to see her art and process on a daily basis, I highly recommend that you follow Method Two Madness, her collaborative blog), composition by me. To learn more about Mr. Savage’s interesting life, both before and after WWII, you can read his obituary in the Daily Telegraph. The text of the entire poem is below.

Second Autumn
So here am I
       Upon the German earth, beneath the German sky,
       And birds flock southward, wheeling as they fly,
       And there are morning mists, and trees turn brown,
       And the winds blow, and blow the dead leaves down,
       And the lamps are earlier on, and curtains drawn,
       And nights leave frosted dew-drops on the lawn,
       And bonfire smoke goes curling up on high,
Just as on English earth, beneath an English sky.
But here am I.
~Patrick Savage (1916-2002)
(Savage was a prisoner of war in Germany, Eichstatt Camp, from 1941-1945)



    1. My pleasure! Thank you so much. I have just begun to explore this anthology, which has so many amazing poems in it written from a variety of perspectives during the war (POW, KIA, Red Cross nurses, those on the home front). I hope to do more with it in the future.


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