1. I went this past summer – and it was phenomenal! It was at the end of long distance hiking trip along the Offa’s Dyke National Trail and on our way back to Heathrow we stayed a night in Lacock and I am so glad we did. My traveling companion is a professional photographer and so we had to go and see the very window where the first modern photo was taken (using the negative process)! I learned so much about Talbot himself too. Definitely worth the trip!


  1. May 85 – really? If so, even more moving. This quiet moment passed so long ago and yet the same thing can be seen every day there, I am sure. Continuity and unchanging – ness in a world of crazy.


    1. Unfortunately, it is not a date but the B&W film type (I took the picture this summer). I worried it might be misinterpreted that way, but I didn’t want to crop the photo. That feeling does permeate the entire abbey, though – that sense of quiet moments passed so long ago even as we walk the halls today…


      1. Well, you know, even if it’s not a date, I agree it’s part of the picture and open to interpretation as these things are once they get out in the world – each person adds their own ideas. To me, it just intensified the feeling of timeless peace. So I’m going to say it was just like that in May 85! What a great photo and so much to see in it.


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