Double Original Friday – To Catch a Criminal

HotStartHaikuI have been so focused on the art part of Illustrated Poetry that I have been neglecting my own poetry. That is why I am grateful for the poetry challenges that some of the blogs around here run: they help to get the creative juices flowing again and compels you (once you decide to do it) to make a little time to write. This haiku is in response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge (which I definitely recommend!). This week the challenge words were “Hot” and “Start.” For me, those words immediately conjured up the process of PCR (polymerase chain reaction – the way we amplify up DNA in the laboratory, usually to run further tests, such as those run in criminal forensics). “Hot Start” is a type of PCR. I fought that association for a day or so as “unpoetic” before I gave in and wrote the haiku. Photograph, haiku, and composition by me. Thanks, Ronovan, for another fun challenge. Have a great weekend!



      1. I love that you are doing illustrated haiku/haiga too! Thank you for sharing the link with me. I really like the framing and how you chose to focus on the clown’s face – it makes the haiku pop.

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