Found Poetry Thursday – Green Table 1992 – Holzer

IMG_1298I am always on the look out for poetry in everyday life and so I was thrilled when I came across Ms. Jenny Holzer’s large outdoor sculpture, “Green Table 1992”, on the University of California, San Diego campus. It is exactly as titled: a massive green granite table (students do sit on and use it for studying or eating, so it is functional as well). But carved all over the table are poems – ranging from full verses to one-liners – by the artist (including the one above). IMG_1300These poems tackle all kinds of topics, many controversial – but what struck me in particular were her monostiches, or one-liners. Like the Surrealists, Ms. Holzer is using a familiar format that pervades our culture (how many “Pearls of Wisdom” are passed down as monostiches? “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” “A watched pot never boils”…) and turning it on its head. Click here to see some one-line “pearls” from the Surrealist poets, see below for a couple more from Ms. Holzer. Her website has a whole gallery of “projections” of poems and words she has done around the world. Photographs by me.




    1. Agreed! It’s actually fairly well used during the school year – I happened upon it empty because it was summer break and early morning. If I were to try to study here would be at least a 10 minute delay as I read and considered the poems around my seat!

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