Poetry Links from all Over – August 2015 Edition


I realized I hadn’t done a “poetry links” post for a little while – so here we are! Carefully curated for your enjoyment! Photo above by me (an “outtake” from one of my creativity experiments of old).

1) Memories from the Apocalypse by Ms. Meggie Royer – head over there to see some awesome collage/illustrated poems. It is part of a series by Ms. Royer on Words Dance Publishing. Thanks to Mr. Matthew Hall at Screaming with Brevity for the link!

2) The free and full text of Robert W. Service’s (1874 – 1958) book of WWI poetry Rhymes of a Red Cross Man. A few weeks ago, I featured the preface to this book on it’s own as a poem (click here for the post), but you can read the whole book of poems online. Another favorite of mine from the book is near the end, entitled “Afternoon Tea.” A fitting set of poems to read in honor of the WWI centenary, which started last year and continues through 2018.

3) ADA by Ms. Karina Smigla-Bobinski – as an admirer of Surrealist techniques and art, this unique interactive sculpture caught my attention. Is it possibly the perfect automatic drawing machine? It requires some human guidance, and the amount in interaction/control varies, but really you can’t predict the effect…if only my landlord would go for letting me do something like this to fuel inspiration and creativity!



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