Excerpt Tuesday – Breakfast Companions – Durso

BreakfastCompanionsWhen I read Mr. Leonard Durso’s wonderful poem “Breakfast Companions” way back in March, when he first posted it on his fabulous blog, an idea for an illustration for it immediately popped into my head. But I wasn’t sure I could do it justice, so I literally and figuratively bookmarked the poem and waited. I recently came back to it and decided to give the drawing a try. Not sure if it approaches justice, but it was a great lesson in patience and layers of colors. Read the whole poem here – I definitely recommend taking some time to get to know his other poems too. Drawing (ink on paper) and composition by me. Enjoy!






  1. oooh…. thank you, Marcy, both for sharing your talent, and introducing Leonard Durso. It’s been a wonderful morning, taking in all the wonder. Meredith


  2. I do my best to keep up with everything Len writes and posts but I missed this one; I love it! A rich, beautiful, vivid composition, Marcy — waiting clearly paid off. 🙂


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