Found Poetry Thursday – Poem by Bergh


I found this poem in the box of clippings that I keep for collages and inspiration. I’ve kept this box for years (although every time I move apartments, I question my sanity for lugging a box of scrap paper with me), adding and subtracting at random intervals. It yields wonderful treasures regularly – like this short poem by Ms. Bergh with illustration. I was struck first by the simple beauty of the poem and then the youth and short life of the author. You can read a beautiful tribute to the poet here. The back of the scrap has mention of DooGood’s Urban Almanac, so I believe that is it’s source. Photograph by me.



  1. Beautiful poem and beautiful tribute by her friend.
    I not only have boxes, but filing cabinets of things I’ve saved…of course I’ve had more years of practice. It never ceases to be fun to find forgotten treasures.


    1. Thank you – I was so glad to find the blog post about Ms. Bergh, it let us learn a little about what a talented young poet we lost.
      I aspire to filing cabinets of collage/art material! I would love to have that level of organization too (my scraps are lucky they make it in a box)! One day, hopefully, when I am more settled.

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