Awards and First Posts!

IMG_0620I would like to thank Mr. Opher Goodwin for nominating me for the Creative Blogger Award – thank you so much! His blog, Opher’s World, never ceases to impress me for its scope and variety. He is also the author of 43 books, which is also quite the inspiration! Thank you again!

I practice a hybrid/moderated form of blog award acceptance – I gratefully accept them and sincerely appreciate the nod and then tweak them to be “No Strings Attached” (which is an award that was started about a year ago, and is exactly what it says it is).

So here are 5 bloggers that I “No Strings Attached” nominate as Creative and Awesome and you should check them out! If any of them wish to take up the Creative Blogger (official rules below*) or No Strings Attached Award baton, they are most welcome!

1. Create Art Everyday – it is as advertised! Ms. Laura creates art everyday and shares this journey with us. It is like art-fitness-motivation – with good humor and encouragement. Not to mention beautiful art.

2. Fiery Tail Imagery – Ms. Scott is sharing her journey as a professional photographer with us, which is always enjoyable to read. In addition, she often creates stunning digital works of art with her photographs and these become a form of completely visual storytelling!

3. Totem Wood – Mr. Laurent Domergue carves amazing large scale works of art in wood – often with a chainsaw and an ax! Need I say more? His blog is in French, but his art is international and needs no translation to amaze (although Google translate can assist, if you’d also like to read his often light-hearted commentary on his work in English).

4. Tales of a Swallow – Ms. Nira Chimera creates multimedia collages and paintings, often accompanied by poetry. Her work bursts off the screen in color and raw emotion. I always look forward to new posts.

5. Csisza – Ms. Csisza’s drawings are movement and color personified. They are simply lovely and an example of how art can speak volumes without a word.

Instead of 5 facts about myself, I wanted to share my “first post story” – which is another “award” (or blog fad? meme?) that’s been going around. I’ve enjoyed reading about people’s first posts and it’s always fun to see how a blog evolves – at the very least, it is a trip down memory lane. I’d never done anything like blogging, so my first post, in the beginning of May 2014, was definitely a test post. My hopes for this post were very very low: Could I successfully upload a picture and publish it? So I did it (or hoped I did) and promptly called my sister on the phone and said – “Quick! Go to this web address and tell me what you see!” I waited as she booted up her computer and typed in – when she laughed and then asked what the heck was this website, I declared success and Illustrated Poetry was born. Here is what I posted:


Not original art, I know – I think it came off of Pinterest – but at least it was poetry themed! The top photograph of the keyboard is by me. Happy Wednesday!

(*The rules for the Creative Blogger award are: ° Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees ° Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you ° Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers ° Pass these rules on to them*)


  1. Yea, Marcy! I don’t think I’d have learned so much about Mr. Darger had it not been for your suggestion… many moons ago. It’s always great to read your award list, and then go visiting. Csisza’s pastels inspire me, too. 🙂 congratulations


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