1. Absolutely! I love the photographs in your post – especially the photos of the old letters from Ginsberg to Bertram – people don’t have handwriting like that anymore!

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      1. No, we didn’t go on 50 – we went across on the 80 to Reno, NV. It would be fascinating to take the loneliest road in America – although I admit to being a bit scared. I remember seeing one of those “dramatized documentaries” when I was a small child about Hwy 50 and this family whose car broke down on it: The father was badly injured trying to fix their vehicle and then they had to simply wait for another car to drive by (ah, the days before cell phones)…on the loneliest road in America…
        Funny how sometimes those things stick with you!

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      2. It is funny how you remember certain things like that. My friend and I drove from Colorado Springs to Monterey – all in one shot. We hit Highway 50 well after midnight and spent the next 100 miles dodging kamakazi jack rabbits and tumbleweeds in the darkest night I think I have ever experienced.


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