Old Poem Saturday – Fear – Simic

Fear_SimicCharles Simic has won essentially every poetry prize and honor there is to win – a Pulitzer Prize, Frost Medal, MacArthur Award – and was Poet Laureate of the United States 2007-2008. You can read his extensive biography here. This short little poem, “Fear,” was my first (and recent) introduction to him. It has definitely left me eager to read more of his work! I took a bit of liberty arranging this poem with the illustration, so if you would like to see it as a single stanza, click here. Drawing (ink on paper) and composition by me. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you, Claudia! Doing more hand-lettering of the poems (or elements thereof) is on my docket of things I want to build up artistically. I started small for this one – just doing the opening word “Fear” by hand – but I was very happy with how it turned out. I had wanted to present this Simic poem for some time, but it took awhile to get the illustration just right!


      1. I got a book of Simic’s poems from the library today and am looking forward to reading them. Appreciate the intro.

        I will be interested to see how the hand-lettering goes – it is so beautiful.


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