Old Poem Saturday – Haiku by Aso


As I’ve said before, sometimes I find poetry and sometimes poetry finds me! I was taking an early morning walk through Boston Common when I came across this plaque. Having had haiku on my mind lately (between my posts yesterday and Monday), I stopped to appreciate it and take a picture. I had never heard of the poet before and looked him up upon returning home. It turns out the Mr. Aso was basically a renaissance man – born in Tokyo, he lived in Boston for over 30 years and was a world renowned artist, poet, opera singer, and kayak expedition leader (yep, you read that right! Read his whole biography here). This kind of chance meeting with new poets and poetry is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday. Enjoy!



  1. What lovely serendipity! This haiku should be written somewhere near the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. I LOVE the cherry blossom season there, but I haven’t seen it for years. So it lives in my memory.


    1. Agreed! The plaque was placed under a young tree (I’m assuming it’s a cherry tree, but the blossoms are long gone and I’m hopeless with botany), but it did remind me of the cherry blossoms in DC. This was the first year I’d ever had the good fortune to be in the capital when they were blooming – simply spectacular.

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    1. Thanks, Michael – I will check those out! I found the Kaji studio website during my research on Kaji Aso and made a mental note to return to it and partake of their offerings.


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