Old Poem Saturday – Give Me for Life – Landor


Walter Savage Landor much preferred to write in Latin – “I am sometimes at a loss for an English word, for a Latin never” he was quoted – and always in classical styles (epigrams, quatrains, etc.). I present to you one of his quatrains in English (my Latin not being what it could be). For a fuller debate on Mr. Landor’s legacy, I recommend the lengthy biography on The Poetry Foundation’s website. His long life as an English gentleman of leisure is pretty far removed from my own – but I did find one bit of connection – he was once the owner and occupant of Llanthony Priory, a set of 13th century ruins located in Monmouthshire, UK. I recently visited there and had a drink at the pub in the basement after a 10 mile hike!  Drawing (ink on paper) and composition by me.


  1. I like the serendipity of your connection to the poet. I like your sketch. And I like the poem and sketch together. I will need to look this poet up – the name rings a bell, I wonder if I studied in school?


    1. Thank you, Claudia! I did not know he was the former owner of the Priory property when I was there – so I had to laugh when I saw that. Landor was nothing if not a very prolific author and poet, and he had a strong influence on his contemporaries, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his work made it into textbooks.

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