Ekphrastic Wednesday – June 1954/II – Götz

the mystery of water and air 2s

After a little holiday break, I am back and so pleased to be able to return with the second of two ekphrastic collaborative pieces with Ms. Kerfe Roig. The idea was to start from a work of art and produce two new works of art inspired by it. Two weeks ago we debuted the results inspired by Miriam Schapiro’s I am Dancing as Fast as I Can – you can click here to see what I mean!

This week’s pieces began from K.O. Götz’s abstract painting June 1954/II – you can see the painting online here (and in fact, most, if not all of the Harvard Art Museum’s collection is online to view free on their site).  Ms. Roig’s collage, above, is entitled the mystery of water and air. She can always be found making amazing art at her collaborative blog Method Two MadnessMy poem, May 2015/I, is below. Enjoy! I wish you all a happy and safe summer travel season!

May 2015/I

Flow and mix

foam after the storm

off shore trade winds blow


Churn and surge 

water thick with paint

frozen and fixed


Swirl and tide

footfalls pause 

light dapples the floor. 


~Marcy Erb


  1. I just wish you could see some of my work,unfortunately it’s hard to find because a lot of its is at the beginning of my blog,this is beautiful Marcy,love it
    As always Sheldon


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