1. I had a fabulous Mother’s Day, with the exception of finding out I am on the Squaw Valley writers waiting list. Sniffle. I made it in two years ago and was waitlisted last year. Perhaps my writing is getting worse?! 😀

    When I first saw this photo, I thought it was a painting. The Hudson Valley school of painting isn’t it, what with that peaceful, glowing light and sense of romanticism? Human beings coexisting in harmony with nature….


    1. It was only after I got home and uploaded the photos from my trip that I fell in love with this one – while I was trying in vain to take the photograph through the dirty train window (the silly iPhone wouldn’t focus! no matter how many times I tapped on it :D), I was so frustrated and I was convinced that I would be deleting all of them. This one does glow with a peaceful light. Thank you!

      Do they rank the wait list? Do you know what number you are on it? I shall send “upward trajectory” energy and thoughts your way and hope you get in! I have never been to a writer’s workshop, but they always sound like (intense writing) fun. I have so enjoyed your picture book odyssey and writing process posts!

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      1. I am not counting on getting in. Very few people who get in to Squaw ever change their minds. Instead, I’m heading to Pennsylvania to a Highlights kids writing workshop that I’ve heard great things about. So I guess I could use that old metaphor about taking a two-pronged approach. I’ve got to score with one of the prongs sooner rather than later. 😀


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