Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge – Day 5!


Electrons race blue

along a looping glass tube;

directions for life.

Another one under the wire – Day 5 of the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge! I was nominated to do the challenge by Sky Blue Daze – it has been a blast, so thank you! My theme was the Poetry of the Everyday (which I am taking quite literally – these are poems written about an experience or thought I’ve had in the last day or two plus a picture taken in that same time frame). I am finishing with a structured haiku inspired by my trip to the MFA today. They have a special exhibit running this summer on the Japanese printmaker Hokusai (of The Great Wave fame).

To retrace our steps in this journey:

Day 1: Here is the post! The nominee: Do Better Always (amazing photography and inspiring posts!)

Day 2: The post! The nominee: Ms. Robyn C of the raphus2014 blog (illustrated and fabulous poetry!)

Day 3: The post! The nominee: Ms. Katarina Nedic of The Secret Life of Sahara (awesome and imaginative poetry!)

Day 4: The post! The nominee: Ms. Heather Boggs of Stitch Boom Bang (embroidering and knitting pop culture with mirth and humor!)

My last no-strings-attached nominee of the challenge is Ms. Claudia McGill of Claudia McGilll Writes Poetry, Did You Know That? Ms. McGill does wonderful poetry collages and mail art. I am inspired by both on every visit to her blog and I encourage you to check it out. Poem, photo (of Jeppe Hein’s 2008 neon art piece “Please…”), and composition by me. Enjoy!


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