Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge – Day 4!

Day4_AbandonedJust in the nick of time, Day 4 of the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge! There is a parking lot I walk by everyday that has a corner that is the frequent site of dumping. Normally, it is an assortment of couches, broken Ikea furniture, and garbage. But every now and then, something different will appear. This was one such occasion.

To summarize:

Nominated by: Sky Blue Daze (Thank you! Send us postcards from Transylvania! Want to know what I am talking about? Go check out her blog post about it!)

Theme: Poetry of the Everyday (which I am taking quite literally – these are poems written about an experience or thought I’ve had in the last day or two plus a picture taken in that same time frame).

Day 1: Scroll down or click here! for the post – I “no strings attached” nominated Do Better Always for her amazing photography and inspiring posts.

Day 2: Scroll down or click here! for the post – my “no strings attached” nominee for yesterday was Ms. Robyn C of the raphus2014 blog for her illustrated and fabulous poetry.

Day 3: Scroll down or click here! Yesterday, I nominated Ms. Katarina Nedic of The Secret Life of Sahara for her awesome poetry.

Today, I nominate Ms. Heather Boggs of Stitch Boom Bang. Ms. Boggs embroiders and knits pop culture (and you too can own some of her creations – she has an etsy store!) and her posts are almost always filled with mirth and humor. I always enjoy my visits to her blog and hope, if she takes up this challenge that she knits us a story.

Poem, photo, and composition by me. Enjoy!

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