Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge – Day 2!

Day2_DangerOverstatedDay 2 of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge! Scroll down or click here for Day 1. Poems and art often kick around my head/apartment for a while before they make it on here – so to change it up a bit I am trying to be very spontaneous with this challenge and take a photo only the day before or day of the post. Same goes for the poem. Poem, photo (of yet another quirky Boston street sign), and composition by me. Enjoy!

Sky Blue Daze nominated me for this challenge – and participated in it herself – so I encourage you to check our her efforts! As I mentioned yesterday, I am nominating another blogger each day – but I continue my “no strings attached” policy and whether or not they are able and choose to take up the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge, this is a shout-out and note of appreciation for their work.

Today I would like to nominate Ms. RobynC of the raphus2014 blog. Ms. Robyn always pairs beautiful art with her rich and layered poetry. She took a leave of absence from blogging earlier this year, but she is back, and I am so very glad! I would love to read the stories she might tell with this challenge.



  1. Hi Marcy, thank you so much for the 5 Photos, 5 Stories’ nomination. I accept with pleasure although I’m unable to begin for a couple of days due to commitments. Please accept my apology and I’ll return and begin my 5 asap. Thanks again,
    Robyn C.


    1. Dear Robyn, it is my pleasure! There is definitely no time limit – it took me several weeks to get it together to accept Sky Blue Daze’s nomination. Whenever you are ready and able! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your posts!

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      1. Hi Marcy, thank you for letting me know. Truth is, the more I think about it… the more thought goes into it! But rest assured I’m looking forward to finally getting something together. Thanks again.


  2. The signs are always telling us which way to go it’s up to us whether we take the advice of the sign or to brave the road alone,this has been a question of mine for oh so long is it the advice of others or do I trust my own instincts to know which road to………
    I thought i would try……
    As always Sheldon


    1. It is something I struggle with as well – are our instincts “good data”? What of the official signs along the way? How do we integrate these together to navigate the road of life?


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