Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge – Day 1!

Day1TJPoemA couple of weeks ago (you can see the time scale on which I operate!), Blue Sky Daze nominated me to participate in the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. I want to thank her and encourage everyone to check out her blog for her lovely writing, beautiful photography, and interesting updates – especially as summer commences and she heads off to a horror writing workshop in Transylvania! Need I say more?

The challenge is to post a photo and piece of writing for five consecutive days. Somehow these are supposed to tell a story or be connected. I decided my theme will be “Poetry in the Everyday” (which is something near and dear to my heart). Today’s poem was inspired by (and contains phrases from) my local Trader Joe’s “Fearless Flyer.” Poem, photograph, and composition by me. Enjoy!

For the challenge, I am supposed to nominate another blogger each day. I will nominate someone each day – but I do this in the spirit of a pure and simple shout-out and admiration for their work. Dear Nominee, take up the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge if you so choose and are able, but no matter what, please enjoy the accolade from this wee corner o’ the blogosphere.

For today I nominate the author and owner of the Do Better Always blog. If there is anyone to take up a photography challenge, then she is the one. I found “Do Better Always” through the “Silent Sunday” tag I participate in (a good group, if I do say so myself) and her gorgeous photography is a joy. Another feature of her blog I enjoy is her “What’s Right with You Today?” series, which seeks to find a little good in a day, even if it’s as simple as a good cup of coffee or something ticked off the To-do list. I admit I don’t answer her query as often as I should, but those posts always make me pause and nod.



  1. Thanks for your kind word about me and my blog. Actually, the posts in the 5 days Challenge don’t have to relate to each other. I think it’s a wonderful idea to do so and it would produce a professional piece of art, but that choice is yours. I love everyday life poems and how you took inspiration from the flyer for this one.


    1. It’s my pleasure! Ah, that’s good to know about the challenge – mine were only going to be loosely related by everyday objects anyway – so that works for me! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip and bring back some amazing photos and writings.

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