Sometimes you find poetry, and sometimes poetry finds you…


I’ve been cutting through various buildings for a brief respite from the cold on the way from the subway station to work. As I was walking along last week down a hallway, I stopped when the shape of stanzas leapt out of a recycling bin at me. I don’t know why someone printed out this Sylvia Plath poem and then recycled it (failed valentine? poetry class assignment? a divine sign that I should illustrate more Sylvia Plath poems?), but it wound up serenading the passersby with rhyme. I left the poem in place as I found it (I apologize for the bad lighting, but that too is an accurate reflection of the environmental conditions), but if you would like to read the whole thing, click here.


  1. Love the serendipity! I’m sooo glad it wasn’t her book that you found in the trash! I’m enthralled by this poem. Thank you for reminding me of it. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it. She was genius, wasn’t she?


    1. I would have been very sad if it had been her whole book in the recycling bin – I probably would have rescued it and taken it home! But it was a single poem printed for some purpose – which will remain mysterious. Agreed – Ms. Plath was such a poetic force!

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