Excerpt Tuesday – Lavender Mist – Dumpawar

LavenderMist_2Ms. Dumpawar is a fellow scientist who is also a poet who appreciates and writes ekphrastic poems! (that is, poems about works of art) With all of that in common, I couldn’t resist illustrating an excerpt of her poem “Lavender Mist.” The poem was inspired by the Jackson Pollock painting of the same name. Ms. Dumpawar took a break from poetry blogging to write her thesis (which I completely understand), I am hoping she will take it up again after she is done and share more of her poems with us. Click on the read more tag or on the post to read the entire poem. Collage and composition by me.

Lavender Mist

It was 1950s then,

And it is 2015 now.
What if I was alive then?
Oh Jackson!
Could I have been your muse
to build the drama
like the dusty desert wind,
Could I have been the symphony
conducting scene through your hands-
Hard like close door and
Soft like open window

I stand and wonder through
the canvas of my mind,
Did you paint happiness-
Like drawing rain out of a drenched coat,
Like squeezing the fluidity out of water,
Like scraping the wood off the floorboard;
And spraying it into the mist

It was after the War.
Oh Jackson
weren’t you strong?
To soldier the fight with yourself
To have struggled for happiness,
You really were brave
to have dared to express,
The feelings of Lavender Mist.

~Shivani Kishor Dumpawar


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