Excerpt Tuesday – Castrated – Redford

CastratedI had just seen the movie The Imitation Game when I came across this poem about Alan Turing by m lewis redford; I was immediately captivated by it and wanted to do an illustration. The illustration wound up featuring the entire poem – so it’s technically not a excerpt (but I think that’s okay) – and incorporated a painting of mine rearranged with a discarded print of Frida Kahlo’s painting Diego and I. The format was loosely inspired by the surrealist technique of cubomania, where an image is cut up into squares and rearranged randomly. M lewis redford has a fantastic blog where you can read more of his poetry and observe all of the connections and themes he explores (which he calls “wormholes”) – check it out!


    1. Thank you! It had been on the list of creativity techniques I wanted to try for a while (on the back burner, as they say) and this poem just fit – the “bytes” of faces rearranged and scrambled – or decoded.


  1. what a beautiful gift; thank you for the blinking lights and twisty wheels – your illustrations knit so many more threads through the piece, but not enough to make Turing’s life catalogue-handsome, rather tragically hole-y and unfitting; and thank you, Marcy, for the billboard mention, I am very touched


    1. It was my pleasure – thank you for the poem of broken interrupted words describing Alan Turing both aurally and visually. I consistently enjoy your poetry and always look forward to your new posts.


    1. Thank you, Geo! It was more emotional than I thought it would be when I cut up my painting – but I was really pleased with the result – and my painting (which was an assignment for the one and only art class I took in school 20 years ago) has a new life!

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