Illustrated Thursday – Moriturus, stanzas XXII to XXIV – Millay

MoriturusXXII-XXIVIn the pause between snowstorms, we have time to consider 3 more stanzas of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s immortal poem “Moriturus.” From the aphid to the spider’s eye, we draw in closer before pulling away to take a larger view as the poem turns the page towards its conclusion. The illustrations of stanzas I-III, IV-VI, VII-IXX-XIIXIII-XVXVI-XVIII, and XIX-XXI can be found at each respective link. The whole poem can be found here. Drawing (marker on paper) and composition by me.


    1. Thank you! I wanted to challenge myself to work with color – and I’ve really enjoyed how it’s developed. I don’t feel funny any more when I walk into open studio and pull out a large zip-lock bag of markers!


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