Old Poem Saturday – Popcorn-can Cover – Niedecker

PopcorncancoverHaving spent most of her life in rural Wisconsin, Lorine Niedecker probably knew a thing or two about the cold. She wrote poetry starting probably in the late 1920s, but published only sporadically and with little recognition until the last decade of her life. She described her poems as “condensery” – this one certainly does have a distilled quality to it. Photos and composition by me. Have a great weekend!


  1. I second that! Lorine Niedecker lived only 30 miles from the town I grew up in and still call home, and yet I never heard of her until this post. Her work is right up my alley, so thank you!


    1. My pleasure! She led such an interesting – and almost completely hidden – life. It seems that she had a profound connection to her home and the place she grew up. I also find her concept of “condensery” fascinating; a uniquely American convergence with some of the eastern traditions of poetry. It goes right along with the new book of poetry by XJ Kennedy I bought at Grolier – “concisions” – poems of six line or less.


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