Poetry Scavenger Hunt – Stop 2 – Poe Returning to Boston


The second stop on our virtual poetry scavenger hunt is the brand new statue of Edgar Allan Poe that is just off Boston Commons. The statue is called “Poe Returning to Boston” by Stefanie Rocknak, and it was unveiled in October 2014. Poe doesn’t exactly look pleased and I think this reflects his on-again-off-again relationship with Boston: he was born here but grew up elsewhere, was stationed here as a solider, and traveled here for lectures. Although the statue placard notes that he composed several famous works here, many of his writing and publication highs and lows took place in other cities and he died and was buried in Baltimore. The statue is situated just a few blocks from the site of the house (long ago demolished) where Poe was born.

If you are just joining us, or missed last week, we are on a virtual scavenger hunt of poetry-historical places in Boston. The poetry scavenger hunt was initiated by my friend and author Meg Eden (she has a new author website up this week) to celebrate the release of her latest chapbook. I decided to take the hunt virtual and use it as an excuse to visit a bunch of sites of poetry significance in Boston. This is my first time seeing these places as well! In each photograph of the site, there will be a red envelope containing a poem…somewhere. Check out my stop at Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s house last week.



And inside the envelope this week was an appropriate-for-Poe creepy bug poem by Sarah Chavez…(check out her author site here!)



Next week, we stop by a book shop completely dedicated to poetry…


    1. The weather was (appropriately Poe-esque) overcast and cold, so there weren’t many people on the Commons, allowing me to take my time, pose the envelope in the claws, and take a bunch of pictures without too many odd looks! Thanks so much!

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    1. True! I laughed when I saw it, because commemorative statues tend to be overly rosy in their depictions, but this one didn’t shy away from Poe’s famous scowl. Thank you!


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