Illustrated Thursday – How to Ride A Unicycle – Meg Eden


I couldn’t resist illustrating an excerpt from Meg Eden’s fun poem “How to Ride a Unicycle” – the full text of which you can find here published in the Carte Blanche online magazine. Ms. Eden has a new book of poetry coming out soon, entitled A Week with Beijing, and she runs a networking site for writers, Meg Eden Writes Poems. “How to Ride a Unicycle” is in the form of a pantoum – a poetic form of interlocking quatrains that I was not familiar with until now – the second and fourth lines of one quatrain repeat as the first and third line of the next. Composition and drawing (ink on paper) by me! In case my curlicue font got you dizzy, the text of the excerpt is below:


learn space between you and the road:

one foot falling and then the other.

Catch up with yourself.


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