Some random links for randomly generating randomness…

I’ve been having fun with my Aleatory Experiments (you can view the first three in this series by clicking 1, 2, and 3): cutting up words, making a mess sometimes, letting random chance rearrange the words, and then doing the necessary clean-up of paper bits, ink, and cardboard. But it turns out that you can do these sorts of experiments while sitting at your computer in your pajamas (if you want) and there is no clean-up required!

Random Poem Generator

I give full credit to Mr. John Sapiro (check out his awesome blog!) for posting about this random poem generator site and introducing it to me – you can (and should!) check out his post about it here. But visit the Random Poem Generator on ThinkZone and see what technology hath wrought! They have a couple of preset lists – “Sea” and “City” – but you can add your own. Here is just a sample of the chaos that ensued when I tried it with the “Sea” word list:

“The sailor grows like a rough seashell.
Whales rise!”

Random Erasure Generator

I’ve featured the Erasures website from Wave Books here before – but what I didn’t realize (or maybe they added it later, I don’t know) is that they have a “Random Erasure” button that will erase a random 50% of the chosen text. It will also do this iteratively, as I did on their site with the opening passage from Moby Dick:




>> This substitute pistol flourish throws upon; I take nothing in their degree. <<

Sounds like the beginning of a great poem to me!

Random Story Writing

Mr. Dominic Peloso, the creator behind Even in the deepest heart of chaos, a glimmer of order can be found, takes photos generated at random by the internet using a key word and makes comics out of them – essentially mini-stories – with predictably absurd and often funny results. It is unclear if the site is updated regularly anymore, but take a highly entertaining tour around his archives and marvel at all of the random!


  1. Sing dreamily like a green surf.
    Where is the rusty seashell?
    The tepid moon silently imagines the sand.

    Could get addictive! I won’t even go to the erasures now, I have work to do…


    1. I know! I only posted the one short poem – but I *may* have pressed the “create poem” button many times!

      I definitely think something could be made of “The tepid moon silently imagines the sand.”



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