Double Original Friday – Professor’s Thoughts Upon Learning…


I promised yesterday to share the poem that resulted from my first aleatory experiment two weeks ago and here it is! There were three random “poems” from that earlier session, and I used phrases from each one in crafting this poem, entitled “Professor’s Thoughts Upon Learning his Tenure was Denied.” Writing this poem felt a lot like sculpting to me: I amended words together and then smoothed and shaped it to the finished form. I would say this creativity technique worked well – this is a topic that I had not considered writing about before – yet it clearly struck me as I worked with the words and phrases from the random poems. Poem, composition, and paper sculpture by me (see more pics below). To read the typed text of the poem, click on the read more or on the post. Happy Friday!


Professor’s Thoughts Upon Learning His Tenure was Denied

The wooden horse and the vermilion naturalist
he of the weakness of the not associate professor
speculative figures, offending the art.
That is I
This is National standards country, they said
the tests I gave the texts I wrote have become
an undoubtedly awkward Inquisition
and I can’t find My place at the table anymore
The years flashed by at a gallop.
~Marcy Erb

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