An International Monday of Illustrated Poetry

The Fabric of Words

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From Izhar Patkin’s “Veiled Threats”

Interpreting poetry with murals painted on waves of flowing tulle, Izhar Patkin’s Veiled Threats is both a kinetic and visual artwork inspired by a set of poems by his late friend, Agha Shahid Ali. I am disappointed that I missed it when it was recently on display at Mass MoCA, because although the website does a good job of showing you what these pieces look like and has all the accompanying poems, it probably doesn’t compare to actually experiencing the movement, texture, and maybe even sound (or muffling of sound) of these illustrated poems. But do check out the site, it even has a couple videos of the works in the studio.

A Never-ending Poem

If a poem that is written letter by letter by successive poets, to be continued indefinitely, the message being written for future generations on the streets of a Dutch town isn’t forward thinking and an example of being a good ancestor (which is one of the inspirations for the project) – then I don’t know what is! This is indeed what they are doing in with Letters of Utrecht – you can read the poem (so far), learn about the project, and even contribute towards the next letter (a new one is placed each Saturday!) on their blog. Very cool (and cooperative) idea!

A Haiga A Day…

Haigas are paintings that would accompany Japanese haiku – the picture (traditionally ink drawings done with a brush) would add or deepen the meaning of the poem and often had a zen or minimalist quality. Today haiga are not just restricted to ink and brush – photography, collage, dry media drawings are also now common.

If you would like a new hiaga everyday, DailyHaiga has you covered! It is a journal of haiga, so they take submissions, and feature a haiga-a-day. Go check it out – hiaga is good for you!

I’ll end with a haiga, “Walking Outgrowth,” that was recently posted on the blog On The Morning Rooftop by Mr. Joshua Williams:

Have a great week!

"Walking Outgrowth" by Mr. Joshua Williams of On  The Morning Rooftop.

“Walking Outgrowth” by Mr. Joshua Williams of On The Morning Rooftop.



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