Hotel Haiku, Vultures, and Visual Poetry – hey! why not? it’s Monday!

Hotels + Haiku = You never know! 

Even if high-end, hip, or exotic hotels are not your cup of tea (or your price-range), it’s still fun to browse the hotel listings at Hotel Haiku. Each hotel or “notel” (defined by the website as “An exceptional, often architecturally designed, holiday and vacation rental property that draws inspiration from the design hotel phenomenon”) is described by a single haiku accompanied by a sometimes abstract, but always intriguing, photograph. The listings link out to the establishment’s website and you can go see if you think the haiku did the place justice! I did stay once at a notel in Joshua Tree that I found through this website, the Rosa Muerta, located just outside the national park. It was a splurge, but also an amazing experience.

International Day of the Vulture

Saturday, September 6th, was International Vulture Awareness Day – I had discovered this while doing some research on vultures for the drawing that would illustrate an excerpt of a wonderful poem by Matthew J. Hall. The vulture is a powerful symbol in almost every culture – this is what drew me to using it in the drawing – representing such powers as clairvoyance or death. This is dangerous enough for them, as people are driven to hurt or kill vultures based on superstition. But, as a New York Times article recently pointed out, they are being systemically poisoned in Africa for another reason – they lead the authorities to elephant and rhino carcasses and poachers are killing vultures to try to cover their tracks. Another reason that article is noteworthy is it has a brilliant illustration by Ms. Sophy Hollington and her website and tumblr is worth a look!

New Visual Poetry

For some lovely visual poetry, go check out the visual poetry section of  F.G.M.’s blog Poems and poèmes – I’m totally digging his wordless poem “Moonless Stary Night Above Twin Peaks and the sleepy Valley”!!


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