It’s a small poem…after all

Although micropoetry seems perfectly evolved for the 21st century and texts, tweets, feeds, and other short format internet applications, it is as old as poetry itself and when we practice it, we are treading in the foot steps of some of history’s great poets. Stand proud, Twitter Poets!

Take a moment to appreciate the classic one word poem – haiku – “Tundra” by Mr. Cor van den Heuvel (b.1931), then head on over to the blog Monostich to get a helping of contemporary one line poems. Drop by the website to see a plethora of forms and styles of poetry – all under 160 or 140 characters (to fit SMS or Twitter). If you need a break from poetry (unlikely, I know), you can always channel your inner Ernest Hemingway and take a spin with some Six Word Stories – perfect for Twitter!

I will leave you with a picture of a tattoo of an amazing micropoem by Margaret Atwood – “You Fit Into Me” –


from the blog I am a Golden God and captioned “This is a photo of my tattoo that i submitted some time ago to Word Made Flesh for possible posting. And they posted it! My tattoo is very happy. : )”



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