“13 Ways” to get you through Monday, art and tattoos



Some “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” tattoos and art for a Monday afternoon!

1: From Flickr user Don’t Mess with Seth – and tagged “fresh ink, this is the last stanza of wallace stevens’ “thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird,” in “love letter” font. it was done by monica at alex’s new tattoo in roanoke, va.”

2: Awesome Venn Diagram poetry art from Michael Schiavo – from a post on The Best American poetry blog titled “Hazards [by Michael Schiavo]” There are several other Venn diagram literary pieces in the post.

3: From Flickr user Destiny Dawson – Stanza II of the poem “I was of three minds,/ Like a tree/ in which there are three blackbirds” and tagged with the whole “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” poem, no artist information.

Check out this gorgeous illustrated Wallace Steven poetry book by Valentina Chung – the india ink watercolor is stark, simple, and perfect.



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