Will Haiku for Chocolate, and a case of the Sunday randoms

Well, if nothing else comes of my poetic adventures, I can say that I wrote a haiku that won me a bar of chocolate and early entry into a once-yearly books sale. Who says poetry doesn’t pay?

The Harvard Book Store had a contest to win a “Golden Ticket” to shop their warehouse sale before everyone else AND a bar of Taza chocolate. All you had to do was write a haiku about book buying or book browsing and submit it. Done and done!

Here are all the winning haiku (there were 5 of us Golden Ticket winners – my entry is “At the Register,” fourth one down):

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.45.05 PM


Random poetical stuff from around:

– If you suffer from “Syllable Counting Insecurity” like I do, you will be glad to know there are several syllable counting tools available. The one I’ve had the best luck with is the Haiku Syllable Counter from Poetry Soup.

– One of the authors of Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years, Philip Rowland, runs a journal of short poetry – Noon: Journal of the Short Poem. In keeping with the times, the journal is now published online, but it used to be sold as hand sewn books that are works of art in and of themselves – they have pictures here.

– There is a lot of poetry on Twitter, as I’ve quickly learned, but if you want some poetical Tweets from a unique perspective, I recommend following Al Purdy’s Statue. He’s not mobile (being a statue and all), but it turns out a lot of variety passes by him in Queen’s Park, Toronto. Many of his tweets are very haiku like.


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